2018 Maxxis | NASA Contingency Form

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Registration Requirements:
  • It is the competitor’s responsibility to register for this program before the date of the event in which you plan to compete. If you fail to register before the event, no contingency will be paid for the event.
  • Contingency participants only need to register for this program once per year unless there is a change to your original registration.
Usage Requirements:
    1. To be eligible for this program, competitors must be using Maxxis RC-1 or VR-1 Tires on all four wheel positions.
    2. Decals Requirement: YES
    3. Patch required on drivers suit: YES, located on torso of driver’s suit.
    4. # of Decals: 4
    5. Location: One decal must be used on each front fender along with one on the center of the front and rear bumper- 18″ wide minimum along with one 18″ wide minimum decal being used on the front and one being used on the rear. No exceptions will be made for this rule. No competing tire decals may be present on car or drivers suit.
    6. Decal Color: Decals used must be the officially supplied MAXXIS® decals.
    7. Decal and Patch availability: Decals are available trackside at each NASA event.
Additional Information:
  • MAXXIS NASA Contingency Claim Form -> Link